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The Piper Report Dec 26, 2011

All new revelations on the Gingrich/Israeli corruption scandal. A MUST HEAR PROGRAM. 

Please make sure to spread this broadcast far and wide.

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Note to those who have been inquiring about purchasing  the new book by MCP entitled “Confessions of an Anti-Semite”–

There are multiple ways for people to buy the book, which is $28 per copy.

(However, please note that a signed, numbered, dated copy is $50). Foreign purchasers (including Canada) should add a minimum $15 postage.

Firstly, they can send a check, cash or money order (or credit card information, including card number and expiration date) to:

Michael Collins Piper

PO Box 15728

Washington, DC 20003

or, write to

American Free Press Newspaper

645 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE #100

Washington, DC 20003

or they can buy online with paypal

OR they can call 1-888-699-6397 and order by phone.


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The Piper Report Dec 20, 2011

Media ‘ignores’ Jewish angle to Newt Gingrich bribery Scandal…

Among other important items dealing with the destruction of our world.

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