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Mike wraps up some loose ends about perceptions of socialism and communism based on last week’s broadcast with the former Russian Senator. He also speaks about writing, and Jewish political power being used to foment wars — and strong-arm Iran, particularly. Orthodox Jews are draining the welfare system in Israel, and Piper wants to bust up the Jewish lobby in America, and those who support it. Some new political parties are organizing, and Rand Paul has some questionable goals about foreign policy.

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The Piper Report SUNDAY, MAY 13, 2012

Former Russian senator, Igor Artemov (, spends time with Mike Piper to compare and contrast Russia and the United States, while outlining ‘Real Nationalism’.

Igor focuses on the supporters, and tactics, of Vladimir Putin, and explores the attempts to destroy Russian society and religious Orthodoxy.

Pete Papaherakles also has some questions for Igor concerning Russo-Grecian relations.

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